Our Sustainability Story

why sustainability?

Sustainability is a collective effort. Here at PacificLight, we recognise everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment. Through adopting sustainable initiatives in our business operations and practices as well as engaging with the community, we promote a culture of sustainability from top-down.


At PacificLight, our four main sustainability drivers form the ethos of why we do what we do — building and creating a future world to live in. Through implementing the best energy efficiency practices and minimizing our carbon footprint, being clean and green in our daily operations is very much a way of life.

In addition to the S$1.2bn to build our power plant on Jurong Island, we have invested an additional S$5 million on energy efficiency improvements that enable us to save more than 8

MW in energy (which is equivalent to the power required by 10,000 households!). This has also reduced our carbon footprint by 1.5%, which translates to taking 15,000 cars off the roads of Singapore.

We are paving the way for a culture of sustainable energy management – our power plant is the only plant in Singapore to be certified as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project under the United National Framework for Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Our newly-implemented Sustainergy marries innovation with value creation to deliver our customers with tangible ways to improve their energy efficiency and minimise their environmental impact. Sustainergy promotes the responsible, sustainable and ethical consumption of energy through a range of programs. This includes helping our customers adopt solar energy as part of their energy supply mix and optimizing energy consumption through smart technology and digital analysis. To ensure that as many of our customers as possible can benefit from the program, we take care to personalize and tailor the energy solutions based on the unique needs of every customer.